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Make an offer. Frizzen covers

Published the November 8th 2018, 7:37 pm
  • icon Country Country : United States of America
  • icon City City : Pittston

Description :

Howdy folks:
I have some frizzen covers for sale. Make me an offer, BUT before you do. I canít ship anything in this country for less than $4.00 so Iíll take the hit for a buck of that and only charge $3.00 for shipping.
The Dark Brown one will fit a Lefty Flinter, it could be used on either. The Buckskin one is made for a right hander, but again, will work on either. They each have a 10 inch long soft buckskin thong for tying to your trigger guard. The buckskin will stretch to a comfortable 11 inches.
The Brown one is made of 5 oz. oil tanned calf hide. The light one is, of course, Brain Tanned Buckskin. Both are stitched with artificial sinew. I used Blue sinew on the Buckskin one to add some Native American appeal. The Brown one is stitched with natural colored artificial sinew.
Both of these fit the frizzen on my Frankenflint Long rifle. Not certain of the lock make? I got it as a prize at a shoot back in the 70ís. Probably a CVA?
As always: Thanks for looking. If interested contact me
God bless:
Two Feathers
At The Mountain Man Emporium

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