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"One day hunt" horn

Published the November 29th 2018, 1:03 pm
  • icon Country Country : United States of America
  • icon City City : Berwick 18603

Description :

Howdy folks: Two Feathers here again.
Hereís a new day hunt Powder Horn for sale: $ 75.00 +$8.00 s&h Christmas is coming, donít miss out on this great looking horn, and my 10% off sale. 10 % off excludes shipping costs. The last one of these horns went almost as soon as it was listed. Donít miss out!
Sheís a beauty and crafted to look Ooooold. A 1700ís horn right out of the pages of history. This is a relatively straight horn. It can be worn on either side. The horn measures 5-3/4Ē across the curve from spout tip to cap base. It measures 8-1/4Ēaround the curve. The horn has an Oak cap stained dark brown, and a dark Brown turned Maple finial with my non-sparking brass 3/8Ē-16 threaded plug for easy filling. The Brass threads may not be Period Correct, but it sure makes filling a lot easier! Ask anyone who owns one of my horns. The horn is ďcoloredĒ with my custom mix of dyes to give it that authentic 1700ís Fur Trapper/Mountain Man look. Itís fitted with a beautiful hand crafted 7/8Ē wide fully; adjustable, leather strap, with belt keeper and Nickle plated Conway buckle. The strap is dark Brown in color and gives a hanging length of 24 to 30 inches. Good for us larger sized guys; or when youíre wearing your Capote on a winter hunt, or at a Rendezvous. If youíre carrying this Two Feathers horn, you WILL get noticed! The horn is ideal for carrying just enough powder for a day of hunting, no extra weight. I havenít checked it out, but I think itíll hold about 1/3 of a pound of powder? Thatís more than enough to hunt for the day.
The horn cap sports an Iron staple where the strap attaches to the cap. The Pour spout is carved White Tail antler and attached to the horn for loss prevention with a length of artificial sinew. There is a 1/4Ē band of 3 oz. leather wrapped around the horn tip in a carved channel. It is tightly wrapped with artificial Sinew. It is secured to the main strap with artificial sinew stitching. The cap is attached to the horn with forged Copper nails. The whole cap is wax sealed for water resistance with an 80/20 mixture of Bees wax and paraffin.
I accept PayPal, certified bank checks, postal money orders, and now Personal checks, however personal checks will add 2 weeks to the turn around time for bank clearance. Postal Money orders will add whatever time it takes for the money order to get here. If youíre interested, please PM me here on the website, or email me at As always, thanks for looking. Merry Christmas.
ONLY orders placed on or before midnight of Christmas Eve ever are eligible for the 10% off price. I ship the same day as payment is accepted whenever possible, this excludes Federal holidays and Sundays.
God bless:
Two Feathers
At The Mountain Man Emporium

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