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.50cal Bullseye Wads

Published the 2019-07-09, 21:05
  • icon Price Price : 8,66 $

Description :

Frontier's - Bullseye Wads are used over the powder and under the patched round ball or conical bullet to help seal gasses and protect the Patch ( Round Ball shooters ) from the hot gasses and flame from the powder charge. Conical shooters will experience greater accuracy and consistency when using Bullseye Wads as the Felt Wad protects the fragile base of the bullet from gasses that can often cut around the base of the bullet, causing erratic velocity, groups and leading in the bore.

You are bidding on a single pack of 100, DRY ( Non Lubricated - Apply your favorite Patch lube on them! ) .44 - .45cal Felt Wads.

These wads fit .44 & .45 caliber.

All Wads come in a quality re-sealable bag.

Black Powder Revolver Shooters will love the Bullseye Wads! Lube them with your choice of lube, seat them on top of the powder charge then load up your round ball or conical. Bullseye Wads are meant to keep Lead fouling down, help prevent Chain Fires, and eliminate the need for having to deal with messy lubes OVER the projectile. Eliminate the messy step of sealing the cylinder with lube.

Wads are slightly over sized to fit most make and model of muzzle loader barrels!

Our Bullseye Wads are made in the USA with American Felt!

For use in all .50cal Muzzle Loaders - Black Powder Cartridge.

Paypal Preferred but do accept USPS money Orders.

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