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 Caliber .54

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PostSubject: Caliber .54   Caliber .54 Empty5/19/2016, 3:45 pm

A hunter who goes after deer-sized game only and who shoots conical bullets does not need a .54-caliber muzzleloader. A .50 is more than sufficient. Furthermore, with elongated bullets, calibers .45 and even .40 carry plenty of mass plus sufficient velocity potential to render them deadly. Going bigger than .50, however, can provide a terrific advantage for those who want to shoot the roundball. It’s easy to see why the .54-caliber “spherical bullet,” as it was once known, is fairly close to ideal for most muzzleloader hunting today in this country: It carries good weight while not readily crushed under the heavy law of diminishing returns.

A .50-caliber ball, .490-inch diameter, weighs 177 grains, while a .495-inch .50 goes 183 grains, good for deer up to perhaps 125 yards with perfect bullet placement, deadly on larger game at close range. I’ve seen bull elk dumped with one 177-grain, .50-caliber roundball in the chest cavity delivered from about 50 yards. However, a .54-caliber, .530-inch lead pill tips the scales at 225 grains, a .535-inch at 230 grains.

 Caliber .54 ACF7827
Obviously, there's a heap of weight difference between 50- and .54-caliber lead globes.  That's because....
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PostSubject: Re: Caliber .54   Caliber .54 Empty5/19/2016, 8:00 pm

Love my 58! I am running 110gr Goex 2fg and at 7300 feet and slightly over 1600 fps. Im not really one to care much about that ft lbs/velocity to be honest. I like to keep it simple.

My best elk hunt ever was with a 54cal and patched ball. Took her clean through the lungs and recovered her 60 yards later. That was a 140 yard shot with 80gr pyrodex rs and .530 ball.

Recently used a .50cal flintlock on my first hog hunt and the first evening, we pulled up to the feeder and I saw a couple hogs in the creek area. I got within 50 yards and drilled it through the shoulders at 52ish yards and she dropped on the spot. I honestly thought she was going to run a bit but nope, just dropped on the spot. When cutting, I pulled the heart out and it struck me... I didn't have to cut anything to remove it! Laughing
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Caliber .54
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