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 CVA Wolf Sight In

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CVA Wolf Sight In Empty
PostSubject: CVA Wolf Sight In   CVA Wolf Sight In EmptyJuly 14th 2016, 8:22 pm

Today it was nice and stormy which made for a great shooting day. Wind kicked up now and then but nothing bad. My nephew is going on his first muzzle loader hunt and finally gets to use his CVA Wolf I got him many years ago.

I just threw a load together that I had on hand.

90gr Blackhorn209
260gr PT Gold
Havester smooth black sabot
CCI 209m primers

We did 50 yards first and then when the sun went down and the nice cool weather moved in, we went to 100 yards.

I made a sand bag out of a sock but as you can see in the picture, it was to short to do any good. I'll made another one tomorrow with less sand so you can shape it to where it needs to be. He did the 100 yard shooting unsupported on the rear of the rifle.

I am proud!

The rest of the shots were with my dads 30-06 because he drew an elk tag as well. Height is perfect but needs about 6 to 8 clicks to the right. His first 3 shots we well under 3/4" with 1st and 3rd in an egged out hole!

50yrd target.
CVA Wolf Sight In Img_7313
CVA Wolf Sight In Img_7312
100yrd target
CVA Wolf Sight In Img_7311
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CVA Wolf Sight In Empty
PostSubject: Re: CVA Wolf Sight In   CVA Wolf Sight In EmptyJuly 15th 2016, 7:10 am


Not shabby at all. Looks like your nephew and his rifle are ready to go. Good Luck Shooter

Ray......... :tup2

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Semper Fi...... '66-'69
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CVA Wolf Sight In Empty
PostSubject: Re: CVA Wolf Sight In   CVA Wolf Sight In EmptyAugust 5th 2016, 8:59 pm

Great looking young man! Best of luck on his hunt.

Jerry W. Jackson
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CVA Wolf Sight In
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