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 Weather Proofing your Sidelock Muzzleloader

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PostSubject: Weather Proofing your Sidelock Muzzleloader   July 30th 2016, 9:31 pm

Items needed:
Teflon Tape (Plumbers Tape)
Nipple Wrench
Ear Plug

This is a pretty simple process I learned years ago while testing powders and bringing your rifle inside from a cold to warm environment like some of us do while hunting.

I simply cut a strip of white Plumbers tape 1 1/4" long, cut it in half so we have two strips of tape and use one to wrap the threads of the nipple. The extra plumbers tape can be put into your possibles bag for later use.

Plumbers tape seals out both, moisture & prevents the nipple from seizing into place while sighting in your rifle on the range. You know how hard a nipple can be to remove at the end of the day after firing 20 shots down range.

Another advantage and a big reason I use Plumbers tape is the fact that there is NO GREASE on the nipple threads that can melt down and dampen the charge while hunting in warm weather. 80* days in September during Colorado's muzzleloading season is very common, and melting grease running into the powder charge only spells disaster!

To top it off, what do we do to help keep moisture out of the main flash channel of the nipple while the Percussion Cap is NOT in place?

An ear plug! Keep moisture from slowly seeping in through the main nipples flash channel/hole by putting an ear plug over the nipple and lightly lowering the hammer down on top of it. This is also a great way to remind me, The Rifle Is Loaded!

I am not a hunter that likes to pull a charge or fire off the charge at the end of the hunt. I take great care in keeping moisture out by using Plumbers tape and the ear plug trick and have not had a hang fire once in the field since switching away from greased nipples during hunting season. And Yes, I do use the synthetic powder in my sidelock muzzleloaders which is even more prone to sucking up moisture in the air than regular black powder.

Every time I pull the percussion cap off and stick my rifle back into my carrying case, that ear plug goes right over the nipple and the hammer is let down! While ATV'ing, its not uncommon to hit puddles or even run into weather that likes to sprinkle and make everything nice and soggy. When I get back to camp, I know that nipple is covered and can either go inside the camper or the truck for the night and still be safe by mornings hunt.

Think about it.... Have you ever taken a stack of the shooting patches lubed with that yellow stuff, stick them into the patch box on your rifle and after an hour, have it running down the side of your stock because its melting? Why would you do the same thing by putting grease on the threads of your nipple and then go off hunting in the wild during the heat of the day? It's going to run once it warms up and can ruin that one and only shot when you need it most.

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PostSubject: Re: Weather Proofing your Sidelock Muzzleloader   July 30th 2016, 11:17 pm


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Weather Proofing your Sidelock Muzzleloader
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