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 Nikon Shotgun Hunter Question

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Nikon Shotgun Hunter Question Empty
PostSubject: Nikon Shotgun Hunter Question   Nikon Shotgun Hunter Question EmptyOctober 31st 2016, 5:37 pm

Ok, I am probably going to get flamed for this, but I have a question. My set up is a H&R Ultra Slug Hunter, with a Nikon Shotgun Hunter Scope. Bot are new, never hunted with them. I went to the range the other day, and it was crazy busy. I couldn't even get to the 50 yard range, so I went over to the 25 yard range. Tested some different slugs, and settled on the Harnady SST's. I got it so I was dead on at 25 yards. I packed up to head over to the 50 yard range, and there was a line waiting to shoot, I didn't have time to wait. I asked around,and everyone says I should be good at 50 yards, maybe a tad low. I then went on the Nikon site, and did the Nikon Spot on. I punched on my info, and they say that if I want to zero it at 50 yards, but I only have 25 yards to shoot. I should sight it in so it is hitting about 3/8" low at 25. So is the slug still rising at 25 yards??
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Nikon Shotgun Hunter Question
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