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 Underhammers at a Rendezvous

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PostSubject: Underhammers at a Rendezvous   Underhammers at a Rendezvous EmptyNovember 6th 2016, 1:52 am

I really like underhammers. The look, light weight, and simplicity of design  are what attracts me to them. I have only ever seen one here in Oz but was instantly attracted when I was permitted to handle and shoot it.

However I have never seen one at a ( Aussie) rendezvous or not even a photo of one at a rendezvous either Aussie or American.

Is there some unwritten law about them or the wrong time period or what.

I would like to work towards  obtaining one but since the majority of my shooting occurs at rendezvous events it may not be worth it.

Can some of you blokes sprinkle the ink of your knowledge upon the blotting paper of my ignorance ?

Please tell me then. Are underhammer rifles to be seen at a rendezvous?

Thanks in advance for your replies.
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PostSubject: Re: Underhammers at a Rendezvous   Underhammers at a Rendezvous EmptyDecember 16th 2016, 3:29 pm

I had not seen an underhammer at a rendezvous but my exposure would be somewhat limited. I got in touch with Claudette at The Hawken Shop ( They bought the tooling and such from the original St Louis shop and produce original style rifles. They are active on the rendezvous circuit and very knowledgeable about the period firearms. Claudette said she had not seen one but that they would be allowed under the rules at any of the events they are involved with. Also, they are period correct and have the advantage of being very simple and, if needed, could be repaired with basic skills.

This isn't a complete answer for you but it's the best I can come up with for now. I may have to get an underhammer and take it to rendezvous and see how it goes.
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Underhammers at a Rendezvous Empty
PostSubject: Re: Underhammers at a Rendezvous   Underhammers at a Rendezvous EmptyDecember 16th 2016, 9:52 pm

They have been around long enough to have been in the western fur trade, but to try and pinpoint an actual person carrying one might be a bit difficult. I have however seen them used at rendezvous by a gentleman who prided his historical research. Here's a little help....I was once excoriated for reliance on Google, but then I paid my dues, having ordered many times microfiche or books from the inter-library loan......this is so much easier. Very Happy,-vt)-underhammer-percussion-rifle.aspx

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Underhammers at a Rendezvous
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