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 Fast Ignition Flintlocks

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PostSubject: Fast Ignition Flintlocks   Fast Ignition Flintlocks Empty2016-12-01, 23:04

Just getting this put together guys, but it will involve all 3 of my flintlocks and what I do to get them to fire fast and consistent, along with errors Laughing
Fast Ignition Flintlocks 210

Traditions Hawken Woodsman, Factory vent liner, adjusted frizzen spring pressure, 70gr Olde Eynsford, 4fg Goex Pan powder, French Amber Flint wrapped in leather.
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Kentucky Colonel

Kentucky Colonel

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Fast Ignition Flintlocks Empty
PostSubject: Re: Fast Ignition Flintlocks   Fast Ignition Flintlocks Empty2016-12-18, 16:15

I am looking forward to it, too. 

Maybe I can improve. But, I can already see that step one is... get a neat fur hat. Very Happy

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Fast Ignition Flintlocks
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