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 Ridiculous Modern History

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Kentucky Colonel

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PostSubject: Re: Ridiculous Modern History    Sat 1 Apr - 18:40

@falcon wrote:
A big part of the change has to do with real wages.  Many simply cannot afford to get married, have kids and buy a home.  

Adjusted for inflation, US wages are just below the 1989 level.  Yep, over 25 years of wage growth were lost. 

Fellas, the plate has not changed. The distance to the mound has been increased, the strike zone made smaller, and the umpire has been bribed.

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PostSubject: Re: Ridiculous Modern History    Sat 1 Apr - 20:08

Wow, Colonel. Not just thinking outside the box. DIFFERENT BOX!! I like it.

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PostSubject: Re: Ridiculous Modern History    Sat 1 Apr - 20:40

Our 30 year old son, Zach is earning $90,000 a year managing apartment complexes in Seattle. This his first job out of college. Next month he flies to China to negotiate with buyers of an online business he has. He was an intern for Senator Risch for one semester. He got a full ride scholarship due to winning the prestigious Horatio Alger national scholarship, the first in the state of Idaho. His younger sister Tiffany won the state Horatio Alger scholarship...again first in the state of Idaho...second ever Alger scholarship given in Idaho. Youngest son Bruno won the second ever Horatio Alger National scholarship and works for national home delivery food company in Dallas. Clair and I didn't pay a single penny for their education...all three were graduates of University of Idaho with either full ride scholarships or partial with part time jobs.

Our child rearing was a bit different than most.....none of the children were allowed cell phones. No one was allowed to get their driver's licenses till they were 18. Nor were they allowed to date till they were 18. Once they graduated from high school they bought their own cell phones and cars. Zach didn't get his driver's license until he graduated from college......said he didn't need one living in  Moscow. We bought him a cheap car after he spent several months tending to family issues in London.......he later bought his own.

I think for us the biggest issue was that we didn't change the rules for rearing our kids from the way we were raised.....not an easy issue in today's culture, but none of them ever had any notion that they were entitled and have successfully earned their own way.

I'm not taking credit for any of their education, cause their mum had her foot planted firmly......I confess I did a lot of driving and we lived 12 miles from the high school.....lots of football, basketball and track practices and games/meets. However they weren't distracted with dating, cars or cell phones.....but they scored very well in their classes (thus the scholarships) and still had a very active social can be done and still the old ways are still the best ways.
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PostSubject: Re: Ridiculous Modern History    Mon 3 Apr - 17:03

AMEN Sharpsman. :suhlute


"My reading of history convinces me that most bad government results from too much government." -Thomas Jefferson
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PostSubject: Re: Ridiculous Modern History    

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Ridiculous Modern History
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