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 New traditional hunter

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PostSubject: New traditional hunter   New traditional hunter EmptyApril 17th 2017, 7:35 pm

Got one of my friends over. I've known him since we was around 12-13 and is my nephews best friend. He finally put in the draw this year for the first time and drew a new mexico buck tag!

 Hes set on dressing the mountain man part and using my Traditions Mountain Rifle. He's actually eye balling my flintlock, but I said, lets start out with the percussion first!

We got to my range late the other evening and luckily I already had premeasured charges ready to go. I loaded it for him and showed him how to go about it, reminded him how much ramrod to hold and he took that to heart because it took him forever to use that wood ramrod out of fear of breaking it lol.

After a half dozen shots, he was on his own, reloading with the wood ramrod, seating the powder the way I do it so it flows under the drum.

We stopped shooting after about 20 rounds due it getting dark and the sights getting fuzzy.

The next day we hit the range HARD. I mean, I actually took 2 lbs of powder out with us, along with patches and balls. After all the shooting that day and the next day, we only swabbed the bore once and that was after trying some sabots out for fun. We ended up putting in close to 5 hours of shooting on Easter sunday! How many shots, I have no clue!

He did all of the shooting using my new Bogpod and that sucker was perfect for a shooting rest.

We mostly stuck to 75 yards, but there were at least 30+ shots from 100 yards. Here's his first 2 shots at 100 yards from the first day of shooting. The 3rd shot marked Robert, was his brother trying it out from 100 yards as well. That gun loves round balls!

A lot more to come as the months go by until the season starts!

70gr Pyrodex P , .015" Patch with Frontier's anti-rust & patch lube, .490" round ball
New traditional hunter IMG_8958
New traditional hunter IMG_8952
New traditional hunter IMG_8953

Like Robert and I, he can not use shooting glasses either. He struggled at first and we suggested he take off his sun glasses. Yep! That was the deal.
New traditional hunter IMG_8951
New traditional hunter IMG_8954
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PostSubject: Re: New traditional hunter   New traditional hunter EmptyApril 17th 2017, 8:28 pm

Sunglasses are not shooting glasses. That's the lamest excuse I've heard in a while for not using eye protection.


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New traditional hunter
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