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 Cleaning out a horn cap for powder horns?

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PostSubject: Cleaning out a horn cap for powder horns?   Sun 28 May - 5:59

Howdy folks
I have a question. I used to boil my cow horns to remove the "inards", wife wasn't happy about the smell in my basement work shop No  So I've changed strategies and gone to the maggot method. I have 2 very nice horns from my butcher/supplier outside in a plastic bag sealed in a 5 gallon plastic pail. My question... how long ( roughly) should it take before the maggots release the "inards?" I opened the pail yesterday, (5 days out in the sun), LORD what a stink! But at least it's outside! I see the little critters chewin' away, but upon shaking the horn cap, there doesn't seem to be any releasing? How do you folks do it? I may have to go back to the boiling method? I don't like that method, because it softens the horn cap and causes scaling and splitting and over all ratiness. Thank ypou for whatever help you can provide. I've gotten a lot of good comments/feedback/advice from the forum members. God bless.
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Cleaning out a horn cap for powder horns?
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