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 Florida Muzzleloader Association Revives

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Florida Muzzleloader Association Revives Empty
PostSubject: Florida Muzzleloader Association Revives   Florida Muzzleloader Association Revives Empty2017-06-01, 16:13

I am pleased to share some good news. 

The Florida Muzzleloader Association has returned to active status. 
It had been dead for a few years. 

Florida Muzzleloader Association Revives FMA_zpsyxm7g0sa

I have separately been told that Central Florida Muzzleloaders (my home club) will be the host of the State Shoot held at Central Florida Pistol & Rifle Club this year. As this is my club, I expect to be a part of it. 
Florida Muzzleloader Association Revives IMG_3065_zpscwm0pvgt

The following is copied and pasted from the FMA Facebook page and includes a web link for membership. 
I have already joined them.

"The Florida Muzzleloaders Association (FMA) is formed from a group of muzzleloader enthusiasts that have been conducting the Florida State Shoot annually for many years. Structurally, the FMA is part of the not for profit organization of East Florida Rangers, Inc. (EFR) and operates under EFR bylaws. The State Shoot has been traditionally held in the Spring (April) and conducted at the ranges of one of the Black Powder Shooting Clubs in the State of Florida. After years of informal communication and a great deal of initiative and dedication by a few enthusiasts, the FMA has finally launched a website intended to gather muzzleloader information into a collaborative organization dedicated to the promotion and continuation of Black Powder Shooting and education activities in the State of Florida. Visit us at
It is the aim of the FMA to serve as a resource for all Black Powder Shooting clubs in Florida by both promoting and organizing competitive Shooting matches throughout the State of Florida. FMA resources will include a Statewide directory, calendar of events, and an online classified service for the sale of muzzleloaders and associated equipment. Whether you are a historical reenactor or blackpowder hunter or just a collector, we look forward to meeting you at one of the clubs or events in the future."

"One of the sanest, surest, and most generous joys of life comes from being happy 
over the good fortune of others." 
― Robert Heinlein

Florida Muzzleloaders Association 
Central Florida Muzzleloaders 
Green River Rifle Works Collectors Association
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Florida Muzzleloader Association Revives
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