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 In line Optima coming.

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PostSubject: In line Optima coming.   July 30th 2017, 3:03 pm

I don't care for in lines but I own and shoot 'em.

Like this one.

Not this ^^ one however.

I paid $80 bucks & add shipping.

Worth that even if I don't really like in lines.
Still with Holy Black she's a stinkin' and a smokin'.

I HAD one but let some dumb azz borrow it and had to go
get it WEEKS after season ended.
Found he never cleaned it and the bore is a sewer
Even vigorous wire brushing and finally 0000 steel
wool won't help.
Rifling about gone.
Make it a shot gun???

NEVER LOAN a firearm.

Lost a compound bow that way.
Loaned it to a guy's kid and never got it back.
A month or more later went to go get it and they MOVED!

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In line Optima coming.
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