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 how to get cheap apple trees

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strong eagle

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PostSubject: how to get cheap apple trees   October 10th 2017, 10:01 am

this summer i bought a bag of apples from wall mart. as i ate them i noticed that the seeds were sprouting in the core. so i planted about a dozen of these sprouted apple seeds in starter trays and set them in a sunny window. many come up but all died back but 3 vigerous ones. they are doing well and if they are big enough i will plant them early june out side, if not i will wait another year. they just cost me a bag of apples. i dont expect a duplicate of the apple i bought but i bet it will be a hard good one. no roots that dont belong to the tree. fruit on their own roots seem to do best here in western ne. at the 4000 ft elevation we here. also discovered a choke cherry bush on my land that yeilds yellow larger and sweeter than average choke cherries. yellow is very very rare in chokecherries. i gave some seeds to a nursery in michigan and to a local pro gardener. hope to pass this on to every one in the US this way. hope this sort article helps some one interested in this sort of self reliance info. strong eagle.
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Buck Conner
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PostSubject: Re: how to get cheap apple trees   October 14th 2017, 10:09 am

We have done as your telling us and they did grow, but we found not as good as the bought seeds that were planted at the same time. At one time in Colorado if you had over 25 acres you could get trees from CSU-  small Aspin, a variety of apple and a couple different other trees - all bare root.


Winesap did the best of seeds from apples (left) the 3 in 1 was always questionable from CSU


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how to get cheap apple trees
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