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 Using the forums picture host

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PostSubject: Using the forums picture host   October 30th 2017, 1:10 pm

Uploading pictures using the forums host.

Picture how to coming soon

Note: Only THREE pictures at a  time can be uploaded!

Start screen where we all type.... Look and click on this button to open the picture host:

Next you can choose your picture size. If you have not resized your pictures on your computer, be sure to pick the 800x600 option otherwise, huge 4000x + pictures could take up to 5 minutes EACH to upload. After you choose to 800x600 option, click on the GREEN button to open the file where you pictures are stored on your computer.

One you find your picture file, you can either upload them one at a time or hold the Shift key down and select multiple pictures and then hit the OPEN button.

Hit SEND ALL and allow them to upload. Once they are uploaded, you will hit the Insert All button

Once the Insert All button has been pressed, your pictures or picture links will automatically be put into the screen where we type. Finish what ever you are typing, hit send and you'll be ready to go.

Simply click off of the screen to remove the menu shown here,

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PostSubject: Re: Using the forums picture host   October 30th 2017, 5:53 pm

Thanks for that. I didn't know you could re-size them on your gizmo.


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Using the forums picture host
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