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Buck Conner
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PostSubject: PRODUCT REVIEW - CUSTOM PATCH KNIFE   December 7th 2017, 6:52 am


  Have a friend that build all kinds of little items, got away from his roots for a while with his singing career until he got a lump in his throat (wasn’t sure if it was a cold or possibly the knot he received for talking back to the Mrs.). He’s now back at his old skills, always working on something that he likes and in time will sell. These guys are the best craftsmen, one's that enjoy what they are making and want to please their friends and those that will soon be friends.
  I was on the Frontier Muzzleloader website looking around and found The Mountain Man Emporium. Low and behold there’s Stoney’s wares, a small patch knife that would be interesting to look at (I probably have a dozen already) one more won’t hurt. Made contact with my old friend and ordered this little beauty without the sheath as I really have gotten to like rawhide ones tacked and painted. A deal was made and “the little guy” was on its way.
  Stoney really wanted me to take the sheath with the knife due to costs and shipping charges as a package deal would be better in my interests. I appreciate his thoughts but really want a rawhide sheath instead of his oil tanned 5 oz. hand laced sheath as advertised.


  In just a few days “the little guy” had found home, fast with good packing by the man. He asked at time of purchase if I would look it over and write a review on his work, good, bad or ugly (just like that old movie of Eastwoods’). 
  Well “Two Feathers”, “Stoney” or that old guy on Frontier Muzzleloader’s website here’s what I promised I would do for you, lock the den door, turn up the music its gone to get real gritty now guys.
  Not bragging but I have made a few for sale, sold and purchased other’s knives for sale, traded, or swapped when still in business as a blanket trader or business owner with a business building location outside of Estes Park Colorado.

  Gentlemen if you are looking for a small knife that's well made for cutting patches, or small duties like pealing a spud or cutting up edibles while in camp and not weighting a bunch. Here’s what you may be looking for as the size fits your hand very comfortably and has that “just feels good to hold” feeling. 
  The slight drop point is period correct from the mid 1800’s found in Canada, carried by the French trappers and sold at trading post like Hudson’s Bay Company. The size is just what one of those Frenchie’s would have liked for their small camp duties to cleaning their finger nails or teeth and as originally planned a patch knife too. With the nice handmade sheath one of their squaws would have hung trade beads or quill work on it.

Don’t pass on this one, you better take a second look at this little gem guys.

  Stoney asked what I would do different if I were making one like this and honestly he has done a very nice job, the thickness of both slabs of the maple are equal (you always see differences in this area), brass pins are placed at good positions to provide a good holding advantage for slab handles to blade, design is very traditional and as mentioned period correct. 
  At first I thought the blade thickness was a little light, but after playing with this little guy I have changed my mind now feeling it’s very good for what it was made for.
An easy fix for you to make on the next knife Two Feathers 
  The only thing I would do Stoney is do a little honing (stone work no pun intended guy) on the blade as your ad says “surgical sharp” and touch up the back side edges of the blade making them smooth so the customer doesn’t cut himself. Otherwise you have done a very nice quality job, keep up the good work.

IDEA OLD FRIEND - Let’s rewrite the ad Stoney to make this little beauty shine.



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PostSubject: Re: PRODUCT REVIEW - CUSTOM PATCH KNIFE   December 7th 2017, 12:36 pm

Like Mr. Connor, I have one of Stoney's multi-purpose knives. My knife has a figured walnut handle that looks very much like those using striped maple.
I have several of these small, multi-use knives, but Stoney's knife takes pride of place on the shoulder strap of my possibles bag.
Stoney - Two Feathers offers a level of sincere concern for the satisfaction of his clients and pride in quality for all his products that is reminiscent of the small-time business of yesteryear. That, alone, makes Stoney's knives worthwhile.
Sometimes it is worthwhile to pay just a little more to help support the small time operator. In this case, however, Stoney's prices are eminently reasonable. You don't have to pay more for quality and support.


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