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 Passed Up Some Hogs This Morning.

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Passed Up Some Hogs This Morning. Empty
PostSubject: Passed Up Some Hogs This Morning.   Passed Up Some Hogs This Morning. EmptyJanuary 16th 2018, 10:38 am

I went deer hunting this morning and saw 4 hogs at about 50 yards as they slowly crossed a dirt 2-track. I almost shot the smallest one but held off because I wanted a deer and had just put 50+ lbs. of sausage in the freezer from the boar I got a couple of weeks ago. We (my dog & I) followed them for awhile but broke it off when they got into chest-high gallberry bushes.

My dog got wiser as she aged. She used to just take off after a hog and eventually bay it up. However, she was content to trail them slowly just 5 or 10 yards in front of me until I called her off when we got into the really thick stuff. Her teeth are worn down and she wouldn't stand much of a chance with a big hog now.

Of course, we didn't see a deer even though we covered about 2 miles of territory so I suppose I should have popped that small hog. My hunts seem to be full of second guesses. It would have been good in the smoker.


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Passed Up Some Hogs This Morning.
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