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 what are probiotics and how do they help us?

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PostSubject: what are probiotics and how do they help us?   February 13th 2018, 7:42 am

probiotics are the good bacteria in our body that keep us healthy. in a very healthy human body their are more probiotic good bacteria cell than human cell for that body. do not ignore you daily probiotic intake of food. natural fermented foods like in the old days, cabbage, pickles, ect that were made from fermentation rather than canned with vinegar. fermented milk of some kind. kiefer is a real good one. colostrum in the dried powder form is a perfect one and also fight against e-coli infections. PROBIOTICS, study how you should get them and make them a big part of your diet. if you have taken a antibiotic for a infection, that is good but they wipe out probiotics also. you need to start again with your probiotic daily intake to get back on track again. some people dont want to live healthier or long so this isnt for you. but for those of us who do, their it is, layed out for you.
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what are probiotics and how do they help us?
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