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 Turkey Shoot

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PostSubject: Turkey Shoot   Turkey Shoot EmptyFebruary 18th 2018, 5:40 pm

I am considering putting on a Turkey Shoot as a novelty at our rifle club.  frozen turkey as the prize. I have a bunch of turkey targets that I printed off at work.  Has anyone participated and know how to run one of these?  I was thinking of setting the turkey target up behind a log as 60 yards and it being a $1.00 a  shot .  How to got from there? 



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PostSubject: Re: Turkey Shoot   Turkey Shoot EmptyFebruary 18th 2018, 8:25 pm

I went to an ad lib turkey shoot in Alabama years ago. We asked a local fella if he knew where we could deer hunt. He said he would take us but we had to have a turkey shoot first.

We humored him and he made up the target and the rules. It cost $5 per shooter and there were 3 of us plus him. He drew a large V on a piece of cardboard nailed to a post at ground level in an area with a lot of gravel. We gave him the $5 each and he told us that we would shoot at the V with our shotguns with whatever we had for shot. He pulled out a Marlin Goose Gun with a 32" full choke barrel. The rules were that any hole produced when someone shot that was closest to the bottom of the V won the turkey. 

I shot 3rd and beat the other two guys with me. Then the "guide" shot and purposely hit the gravel at the base to blast all kinds of rocks and ricocheted pellets into the target. He knew he would win ... but he didn't. As luck would have it, one of my pellets was closer than all of his shrapnel.
He was at a loss as to how to secure a turkey but he came back later with a live white turkey hen with its head poking through a hole in a burlap sack. He presented it to me and we went deer hunting.

I had to keep the turkey in the bath tub at the motel for 2 days and then brought it home. Listening to that hen in the yard taught me how to call turkeys.  Twisted Evil


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Turkey Shoot
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