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 Range report on new 45/70 Remington roller!

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PostSubject: Range report on new 45/70 Remington roller!   February 19th 2018, 11:01 am

Yesterday evening after church, I loaded up some 350 gr cast bullets, about 15 rounds, and prepped another 60 cases. Got to shoot it this morning, light steady breeze, took 2 shots to zero the peep, at 150 yds, then I tried the open sights, they were spot on at 100yds! I  settled down, and shot 5 for score on a paper target with open sights, at 100yds, and 5 for score at 175 yds, I figured 25 yds would not make much of a difference with the peep sights, and I was correct. The 5@100 yds with open sights had all the bullet holes touching or overlapping just out of center, the 5 at 175 were under 2", looks like I found the load it likes first time out of the gate. I am using 14.6 grains of Unique pistol powder, a load I got from some guys off Cast Boolits. There is a load with unique to approximate the calvary black powder load with 405 gr slugs, shoots like a dream in my other 3 45/70's, will give it a try later, but for now I will stay with this low recoiling, sweet shooting load! I can send pics if anyone can post them for me!
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Range report on new 45/70 Remington roller!
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