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 I Shot the Target Today-Did better than I thought.

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PostSubject: I Shot the Target Today-Did better than I thought.   March 6th 2018, 3:25 pm

I shot a couple of test shots at 25 yds. with 3 of my guns to adjust the sights. I did one shot from the bench for sight adjustment and one shot standing. I quickly eliminated the two rifles that had short barrels. I used my .50 cal. T/C Hawken for the target because of the factory sights, the heavy barrel, and the set trigger.

I was consistently about 1" left but I was wobbling all over the place. I wound up with all of the balls in scoring rings and one or two in the black (I'll let Jon decide if one cuts the ring). 
If that Hawken wasn't so dang heavy, I'd take it hunting again because it is more accurate than the one I use all the time.

I hate to think what that pattern would look like at 100 yds.  Embarassed

I'll send the target off tomorrow.


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I Shot the Target Today-Did better than I thought.
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