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 Gumbo recipes

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PostSubject: Gumbo recipes   Gumbo recipes Empty2018-03-24, 14:11

Curious to know how many of you have had gumbo with whole mudbugs cooked in? I had some for the first time at our Tuesday Rondezvous. It was pretty darn good except you had to be careful not to swallow a piece of leg that got broken off the bug. Made it a little messy pulling the tails and I got a lot of the guys giving me their claws since they didn't think it worth the effort to break them open. It was kind of amusing to see the expressions on a couple of our more Northern minded members that refused to even try it. It's funny how so many people find Crayfish revolting but will chow down on lobster tails at a restaurant.

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PostSubject: Re: Gumbo recipes   Gumbo recipes Empty2018-03-24, 17:50

A good crawfish boil with corn and potatoes is hard to beat but crawfish pie is like dying and going to Heaven.


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Gumbo recipes
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