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 Hawken shooting T7 & Wads

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PostSubject: Hawken shooting T7 & Wads   April 5th 2018, 12:44 pm

Wanted to try a heavier bear load out in my Traditions St Louis Hawken today. Gorgeous t shirt weather and no breeze.

50 yards

I loaded 90gr 2fg Triple 7, .020" Bridgers Best patches lubed with my anti rust patch lube, .490" round balls and a factory lubed .54cal ( I like over sized for more seal ) under the patched ball.

6 shots total, the first shot always being outside of the group with Pyrodex or Triple7. Fantastic! That 1:48 twist handles those charges very well. Only issue was she shoots about 5" high at 50 yards which means REALLY high at 100 yards. I have a spare sight and will swap it out later on if needed.

This was the really cool part! I never recovered a patch & a wad that were stuck together! This shows how great the wads protect the bottom and the sides of the patch.

Overall, a great day on the range with the small exception that my wood ramrod ( hickory ) finally cracked after loading the last shot. I had just put the ramrod back under the barrel when I felt something snag my finger and sure enough... A little over 1/2 the way down, there was a crack. No
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PostSubject: Re: Hawken shooting T7 & Wads   April 5th 2018, 1:49 pm

@FrontierGander wrote:

6 shots total, the first shot always being outside of the group with Pyrodex or Triple7. 

Well, then that 1st shot is where you want to adjust your sights if you're going to use that load for hunting. The rest are not important unless you foul the barrel first.


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Hawken shooting T7 & Wads
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