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 Testing 320gr R.E.A.L Bullets

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Testing 320gr R.E.A.L Bullets Empty
PostSubject: Testing 320gr R.E.A.L Bullets   Testing 320gr R.E.A.L Bullets EmptyApril 12th 2018, 2:12 pm

Got these in the mail today! Thank you very much Rick! I do believe I will be ordering the mold!

Traditions St.Louis Hawken .50cal 1:48 twist
Target: 50 yards
320gr REAL bullets, lubed with my anti rust lube
#11 CCI caps
Lubed Veg wad under the bullet.
Testing 320gr R.E.A.L Bullets 100_1317

80gr Pyrodex P
Testing 320gr R.E.A.L Bullets 100_1315

90gr Pyrodex P. Blame the shooter on that center bulls eye shot.
Testing 320gr R.E.A.L Bullets 100_1316

To me, It looks like the 80gr charge groups tighter, So I will try that again, but this time with a felt wad.

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Rick N Bama

Rick N Bama

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Testing 320gr R.E.A.L Bullets Empty
PostSubject: Re: Testing 320gr R.E.A.L Bullets   Testing 320gr R.E.A.L Bullets EmptyApril 13th 2018, 11:44 am

You're most welcome Jon and as we speak I have about 10 minutes until the pot is hot enough to cast up a small supply for me to try when, and if, I make it to the range again. 

I'm glad they shot well for you!

ETA:  Jon by chance did you cull the bullets by weight?  Of the batch I've just cast I've found that I'm having a 36% cull rate for weight. I culled based on a +or- 1.5grs.
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Testing 320gr R.E.A.L Bullets
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