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 climbing oriental peas.

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strong eagle

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PostSubject: climbing oriental peas.    May 1st 2018, 2:11 pm

going to put them in next week. they will go in 4 or 5, 15 gallon containers with tomato towers in them to climb on.they are so good picked young and grilled or stir fried or in a salad. the last week in may i will also plant pole beans in 4 or 5 , 15 gallon containers and grill them also. in times past ive waited too long and it was too warm to plant peas. they like it cool when they come up. green onions are up and so is the radishes. garlic is starting to come up and the potatoes are expanding under the soil. raspberry are putting up new plants and the strawberries are leafing out really nice. rhubarb is almost ready to pick. wife will make rhubarb cobbler, that is so good. bought a big sack of whey powder from the farm store 2 days ago. tomatoes love whey powder. between whey powder, fish fertilizer and a trace element fertilizer i buy the garden will be happy. my mouth is watering.
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climbing oriental peas.
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