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 Powder Test

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PostSubject: Powder Test   May 27th 2018, 11:59 am

Has anyone done a serious test of powders, say, Goex, OE, Swiss and Graf's.  By serious I mean velocity, accuracy, load levels, etc.  Please, don't just post published data.  I've only used four, Dupont, Goex, Elephant and Jack's Battle Powder.  I have no major complaints about any of those.  Now I've only used Goex and JBP for years and can't really compare anything else.

I use thick patching; canvas duck (.019" and heavy unbleached canvas (.023").  I can post that using mattress ticking and Hoppes gives 1700 fps (40 grns 3F) and 1923 fps (60 grns 3F) with JBP.

Switching to TOW mink oil lube gave 1678 fps (40grns) but 2176 fps (60 grns).  Accuracy at 100 yds is 3.5" to 4.00" with 60 grns and between 1" & 2" at 50 yds with 40 grns.

In the .45 both 60 grns and 70 grains are excellent at both 50 and 100 yards with slightly under 1.75" at 50 yds and under 4" at 100.  My shooting is very unimpressive, too.  Velocity with 60 grns is about 1800 fps.  60 grns about 1700 fps.

Speeds in the .50 run about 100 fps slower than the .45.  Goex gives somewhat more uniform ballistics than JBP.  That's all the info I currently have.
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Buck Conner
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PostSubject: Re: Powder Test   May 27th 2018, 12:04 pm

I believe there are test results here by Jon (FrontierGander), I'll look for them.  study

If I can't find this information Jon may have what he found !


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Powder Test
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