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 Ignition Issues

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PostSubject: Ignition Issues   May 28th 2018, 5:26 pm

Has anybody used the PR Bullet new Large Vari Flame device the one that uses large rifle primers?  I had my Rossi out the other day trying to find a light sabot/ bullet load and I noticed a couple of things.  1.  I really really hate FFFG 777, but I am having issues getting BH 209 I hate paying the damn hazmat fee and I keep waiting for Cabela's  to stock some.  Anyway I havee the small vari flame  device and it really cut down on the fouling and after chucking the idea of a light combo and going back to my 400 gr Platinum tips and shot a 1 inch and 1.5 group I ran out of them and sustituted the Winchester 777 primers boy did the fouling go up and the accuracy went south.  I have read that this Large system will ignite BH 209, ( which after this experience I've had enough of 777) so does anybody have any experience with this system ?

Also I ordered some 460 gr conicals sized .504  from what I've read here they seem pretty popular in the western states but truth to be told I wish PR still made his 390 gr Colorado Conicals they were some fine shooting bullets.
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Ignition Issues
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