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 devils lake north dakota.

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strong eagle

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PostSubject: devils lake north dakota.   May 30th 2018, 7:07 am

watch you tube videos of the spring and early summer white bass fishing. they are big and you can catch a tub full in one day. devils lake is the hottest fishing like in the USA. it has expanded 70 mile out in 25 years. the springs that feed it opened up and it is still growing. swallowed a town called churches ferry. it has all the different kinds of fish that lakes have and they are big.easter n. dak is the bottom of a lake bed. my uncles farm had a 400 feet deep. pressure fed and no need for a pump. run 24   7 into a cattle tank. now and then tiny minnows would come out of the pipe feeding the cattle tank. the closest river is 15 miles away. many deep springs and rivers all connected to some main river. 7 to 10 miles from my grandfathers place a man dug a well in the 1940/s. the pressure blew out the pipe and formed a pond so deep that when they dumped old cars into it to stop in up the pond just swallowed them. it spread to make a 300 acre swamp with the main hole still pushing water that wont freeze even at 30 below zero. ruined half his small farm. on grandpa/s farm if they needed a well, they would pound a sand point on the end of a piple 12 feet into the ground and hook a windmill to it and pump 24   7 with good water, the city of fargo which is 40 miles away bought 10 acres from gradpa on the east end of his land they dug two big wells and since then pumped 24   7 to fargo .dak and the water table has gone up instead of down. my cousins ranch has turned into a swamp. if it wasnt for all the leased BLN land he would be out of business as a rancher and just own a swamp. it is a different country up their, too much water can be a problem. you never have to water a garden or your trees their in most parts of the valley. so many trees have taken over since i left years ago that i dont see what i remember as a small child any more. every tree you put in the ground grows like nuts, unlike the way it is around here in western ne.
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Buck Conner
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Site Moderator &

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PostSubject: Re: devils lake north dakota.   June 24th 2018, 4:33 pm

The rest of the country should be so lucky, the mid west is drying out around here....


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oneshot 1


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PostSubject: Re: devils lake north dakota.   July 3rd 2018, 4:54 pm

Well here we have a river that runs good and cold all year, several Trout.

We have a Cabin 75 miles away that sets on 3 Major Lakes. Have all kinds of fish even Muskies. 

Me Citfied go to the YMCA Pool and get our Water on a Meter.

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PostSubject: Re: devils lake north dakota.   

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devils lake north dakota.
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