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 Distance Frontier Travel

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Kentucky Colonel

Kentucky Colonel

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PostSubject: Distance Frontier Travel   Distance Frontier Travel Empty2018-06-05, 09:56

I just got off my bike. I was busy congratulating myself because I had just finished 54 miles in four days- a best for me for after my surgery. 

Then I realized something. I had always been told that a Frontiersman could average 20 miles a day on foot. 4 X 20 = 80 miles. I was 16 short of that mark and I was on clear, paved surfaces with relatively flat terrain on a bike with gears. I had easy access to water. The most I did in one day this week was 25 miles. 

Mountains, swamps, brush, rivers, lack of roads, packing supplies, and the need to hunt to feed yourself.... Then there is the occasional hostile force to be reckoned with... I have no doubt that 20 miles a day- and sometimes more- can be done. But, 20 miles a day average??

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Now, I do hike up to 10 miles a day when hunting or camping energetically. But, I am packed very light. I may have a tent or a gun, but rarely both at the same time. I am not hauling hides to sell, forging a trail, or preparing to homestead. I often have some sort of trail.

So, it got me wondering what the real average distance per day might have been back in the day. So, I figured I would post this as Buck-bait. (He has travelled over land and river in the old ways. He will be able to give us first hand knowledge.) But, I would say that 20 miles a day average in new territory, without a map, on foot? For your average Frontiersman? I think this is likely a high estimate. What do you think?

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russell shaffer

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PostSubject: Re: Distance Frontier Travel   Distance Frontier Travel Empty2018-06-05, 16:46

This will be interesting.  I have to agree that 20 miles as an average is unlikely for a guy in the wilderness.  Just traveling maybe but you can't hunt that fast.  Well at least I sure can't.
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Buck Conner
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Buck Conner

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PostSubject: Re: Distance Frontier Travel   Distance Frontier Travel Empty2018-06-06, 09:49

Closer to 10 - 12 miles a day and still keeping your scalp.....  Shocked

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Distance Frontier Travel
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