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 picked a huge sack of basil this morning.

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strong eagle

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PostSubject: picked a huge sack of basil this morning.    Sat 7 Jul - 10:08

when i get back from the gym im going to chop it fine in the food processor and devide in baggies and freeze. makes bought or home made tomato pasta sauce taste so much better. makes beef gravy taste better also. my grey griller squash is really coming in now so grilling a lot of that. makes a great pesto sauce also. my grape tomatoes will be on the table soon also. my concord seedless grape vine is full of grapes. will make grape jelly with that this late summer. supposed to be 100 degrees for the next three day. good thing the humidity is low as well as the 4000 ft elevation makes it more comfortable. i dont know how you guys and gals can tolerate the humid lowlands.
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picked a huge sack of basil this morning.
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