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 daughter visted yesterday

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strong eagle

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PostSubject: daughter visted yesterday   August 12th 2018, 8:14 am

she lives 30 mile away and is going to college their. i sent with her a clothes basket full of potatoes, hot peppers, grape tomatoes and cucumbers and one huge trombone italian zuchinni. its a gold mine for her and a couple of her vagen friends. if you like to grill zuchinni (sp) get the trombone vinning type. let them get big then dont use the bulb end but slice off sliver dollar pieces sizes from the long arm and grill them. they are the best their is. firm and nutty. let a few grow to maturity and in the fall they make a good winter squash also. the hot peppers are a long skinny one from spain and the jalapeno. too hot for me but not for my wife and my daughter. they love them. the potatoes i gave her are white, yellow and purple ones. they are all solid organic and tase wonderful. i really like snacking on grape tomatoes. make a great pasta sauce also. if any of you start your own plants their is one beef steak tomato that is sure fire, early and better than all the rest. you will love it any way you use it. it is call mrs. maxwells itallian tomato. grow that one next year and you wont go wrong and it will be your main tomato every year after that. if you have a hard time setting bell peppers on your plants grow big bertha. that variety will give you big peppers with out fail in any climate. the potaoes i have left for my wife and i are the french gormet fingerlings. they are still green on the tops and really good keepers. they taste the best along with the swedish yellow fingerling which about the same type of potato. going out to check my wild plum trees now for ripeness. got to get them before the birds do. also got a lot of grapes on the seedless concord vine growing on the deck railings. the plums and grapes make a good jelly for am toast. how do you guys and gals eat your hot peppers? my wife loves them but i need input on how to fix them.
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daughter visted yesterday
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