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 Hunting with Frontier's Anti-Rust & Patch Lube

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Hunting with Frontier's Anti-Rust & Patch Lube Empty
PostSubject: Hunting with Frontier's Anti-Rust & Patch Lube   Hunting with Frontier's Anti-Rust & Patch Lube EmptyOctober 3rd 2018, 10:39 am

Okay folks, with hunting season right around the corner. I am going to walk you through how I prepare my rifles!
Hunting with Frontier's Anti-Rust & Patch Lube Anti_r10

Let's assume your muzzleloader is already clean and oiled and hanging on the wall, just waiting for its next time out on the range or in the field.

First off, we will ensure our muzzleloader is unloaded! Using my nipple wrench I remove the nipple and then the barrel.

Next l and grab my cleaning rod and some patches, along with a can of Birchwood Casey Gun Scrubber or Denatured Alcohol.

Spray down the patch and swab the bore free of any oils that may be in it!

Next, take the barrel over to the stove burner ( mine is electric) and set it on medium heat. Lay the barrel on top of the burner, starting at the breech end and allow it to heat up until its a little bit uncomfortable to touch.

Once it is there, move the barrel down to the next cold area ( normally the middle section) and repeat this process until you have the barrel completely warmed up to the front sight!

With the barrel now warm, grab your jar of Frontier's Anti-Rust & Patch Lube and apply it to a tight fitting patch. A little lube goes a long way!
Hunting with Frontier's Anti-Rust & Patch Lube Img_5410
Give the barrel at least a dozen strokes, allowing the cleaning rod to rotate freely as you push down. Swab that barrel really good for maximum coverage!

Once the lube has been applied, place the barrel to the side to cool ( muzzle down to prevent lube from dripping into the breech plug ).... No dripping should happen if you've followed instructions and LIGHTLY lubed your patch!

Now is also a good time to use that same patch and wipe down the exterior of the barrel!
Hunting with Frontier's Anti-Rust & Patch Lube Img_6310
With the barrel finished, you can also take some lube onto your finger tip and wipe down the INSIDE of the barrel channel as well as where the lock fits into place on the stock. This helps seal out moisture that can cause stock swelling while hunting.

Now that you've treated your muzzeloader with our Anti-Rust & Patch Lube, you ARE protected against the elements!

Our patch lube can take 6 to 8 hours to fully cure after the heat process. Once its cured, you may feel a very soft velvet coating protecting the parts you applied it to. Thin applications you will not see or feel the lube on the barrel.
Hunting with Frontier's Anti-Rust & Patch Lube Img_6311

Our lube when applied thinly, leaves behind a very soft velvet layer of protection and will not cause your powder to stick even though it has been applied to your bore. If you have applied the lube heavier than we recommended, We do recommend you run one or two DRY patches down the bore, prior to loading.
Hunting with Frontier's Anti-Rust & Patch Lube 25487512
This will remove excess lube build up that could cause the powder to stick to the inside of the bore. A THIN application of our lube will not cause this issue.

Good luck out in the field, be safe,and as always, if you have any questions, Please let us know!
And be sure to take pictures of this years success!
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Hunting with Frontier's Anti-Rust & Patch Lube
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