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 Pumpkin Patch ....literally

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Pumpkin Patch ....literally Empty
PostSubject: Pumpkin Patch ....literally   Pumpkin Patch ....literally Empty2018-11-06, 07:26

NOTE: I posted this in one other place on the net too.

Where I work we had some pumpkins with the top cut off and a candle inside them. A fellow was there and asked if we were done with the pumpkins. I told him he could have one. He said, "Great, I'm taking it to the rifle range tomorrow". I replied, "It would blow up better if it was not hollowed out". His response surprised and intrigued me; "I'm not going to shoot it I'm going to use it for my muzzleloader patches". "What", came out of my mouth. He explained that his family had a tradition. Every fall they would take a hollowed out pumpkin and rub a denim patch on the inside flesh until the denim became stained and slightly moist. They loaded that with their PRB and sighted in (between Halloween and the start of deer season). Then, they would take their first deer of the year with the pumpkin patch (lubed) PRB loading. I asked for more details and he said he doesn't get the patch all wet, just slightly moist and orange(y). He was told by a long past relative that it was pumpkin oil, but admits it could be just water or as he put it wet pumpkin goo. He admits it is an annual tradition and ritual. The rest of the year they cannot get any pumpkins around here and he says he uses a sprits of WD40 for lube other times. I learned something new and have a new muzzleloading acquaintance. Anyone have a strange tradition or ritual like this?
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Pumpkin Patch ....literally Empty
PostSubject: Re: Pumpkin Patch ....literally   Pumpkin Patch ....literally Empty2018-11-07, 16:05

pumpkin guts get sticky and hard when you carve one out by hand. Sounds like a tradition the family has for some silly reason. I personally would not even consider putting that in the bore of a muzzleloader.
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Pumpkin Patch ....literally
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