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 Barrel swap

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PostSubject: Barrel swap   Barrel swap Empty2018-12-03, 20:40

2 questions on barrel swaps:

Is there a standard for hooked breech barrels?  Would a Traditions fit a Thompson fit a CVA etc? 

How about between different caliber barrels of the same manufacturer if the outside dimension is the same?

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PostSubject: Re: Barrel swap   Barrel swap Empty2018-12-03, 21:53

traditions/cva most times will fit, but the tenon normally has to be recut and placed in the proper spot for the wedge key.
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PostSubject: Re: Barrel swap   Barrel swap Empty2018-12-04, 07:33

The hook is often of a slightly different diameter. That is even among same brand. You need to either file the hook to fit the tang or open the tang to fit the hook. I agree with FG that the tenion is often in the wrong place so you need to cut a dovetail and move it. Then there is tenion size - they can be anything from 1/2" to a full 1".  On an older CVA, the angle from the hammer to the nipple is somewhat different than on the T/C. If you do fit a barrel from one company and intend to use the lock from the other, you may have to change the geometry somewhat. I am not sure of flintlocks in that regard.
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PostSubject: Re: Barrel swap   Barrel swap Empty2018-12-04, 07:42

Assuming you are talking about a straight up drop in with zero modifications. 
Q#1 No 
Q#2 Usually Same Manufacturer and same model will be the same between cal. 45 to 54. Some exceptions like TC Hawken going from .50 to .54 barrel changes from 15/16 to 1"  Investarms Hawken barrel has the same ouside dim from .45 to .58 cal.

Regarding Q #1 The closest I've seen for interchangability are between TC and Investarms Hawkens. With some slight modifications, they can be made to interchange. I currently have an Investarms stock with a TC barrel mounted.

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Barrel swap
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