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 older .58 h&r huntsman

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older .58 h&r huntsman Empty
PostSubject: older .58 h&r huntsman   older .58 h&r huntsman EmptyJanuary 5th 2019, 12:14 pm

Someone gave me an older .58 huntsman the one with a O ring breach plug and #11 cap. I contacted H&R/NEF to get an owners manual and they sent me one for a newer .50 with 209 ignition and threaded breach plug. I fired a few prbs from it and it did ok but didn't go past 75 grns of powder. Can anyone tell me what is the twist is on these"looks like a slow twist" and what the max. powder rating is. I would think it should handle 120 grns but not sure enough to try it, and a prb or my shoulder probably wouldn't like it anyway. Also thought about buying a mold for it. Any experience shooting mines, maxis, or other. Cant hunt with it in Oregon "closed ignition" so its just a toy. Cant have enough toys.    Ive read about the breach plug killing someone and the firing pin setting off the cap when you close the breach. Is this a real concern or more user error.
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PostSubject: Re: older .58 h&r huntsman   older .58 h&r huntsman EmptyJanuary 5th 2019, 1:13 pm

It should be the twist 1:66 or 1:72 twist on that one. I wouldn't see the need for a 120gr load. I had one and 80-100gr 2fg was perfect and accuracy was superb.

The firing pin issue is mostly when the firing pin gets fouled and stuck. In other words, poorly cared for LOL. Just keep it cleaned and oiled and visually inspect it before closing the action.
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older .58 h&r huntsman
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