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 This evenings action from the tree stand.

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PostSubject: Re: This evenings action from the tree stand.   January 18th 2019, 7:04 pm

@dbowling wrote:
@FrontierGander wrote:
I'll have to look into that and put it on the card.

I found that when calling coyotes the louder you play the cat distress the better, play for a minute real loud then go to 1/3 volume for 5 minutes then mute for 2-3 minutes or longer then start over.
With fox usually med loud and continuous sound works, especially greys as they are very aggressive.

That definitely makes sense Dean, Coyotes kill a LOT of House Cats around here! I have “Distressed Kitten” Sound on my Foxpro Wildfire 2, I will try it the Next time i get out. When i ordered my Call it came with 35 Sounds I believe? I ordered it from 5-6 years ago. I remember paying a little extra for 10 of the other sounds, and in that deal they would ad the Sounds to my new Caller for me. The guy on the Phone asked me what sounds i wanted? I told him that I really wasn’t sure? I explained to him that i lived in North Idaho, and what i planned to Hunt, From that info he DownLoaded the Most popular rated Foxpro Sounds on my Caller that he was confident would work here, This “Distressed Kitten” is 1 of the Sounds he Downloaded. At the time i ordered my Caller the No. 1 Rated Foxpro sound was “Lightning Jack” That is what i killed the 2 Coyotes with. I will definitely try the Kitten the next chance i get out.
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PostSubject: Re: This evenings action from the tree stand.   January 18th 2019, 7:46 pm

Back when I was calling a lot the distressed cat and kitten were what I used 90 percent of the time.. Also used distressed grey fox pup a lot, seems coyotes like to eat them to.
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This evenings action from the tree stand.
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