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 Nikon Buckmasters 4-12x40

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PostSubject: Nikon Buckmasters 4-12x40   Nikon Buckmasters 4-12x40 Empty2019-01-11, 09:44

If you guys are looking for a great scope for your rifle or muzzleloader, I highly recommend this one! Beautifully clear, hurts your eyes, especially when snow in on the ground! Scope adjustments are dead on the money. Great eye relief for heavy recoil rifles. Later down the road I plan on getting another one for my mosin nagant.
Nikon Buckmasters 4-12x40 100_2821
Nikon Buckmasters 4-12x40 100_2822
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PostSubject: Re: Nikon Buckmasters 4-12x40   Nikon Buckmasters 4-12x40 Empty2019-01-12, 20:41

I have that Exact same Scope, BDC Reticle and all, I love this thing!! I was in search of a decent Scope about a year or so ago for my 6.5 Creedmoor, I looked through several different Vortex, The Diamondback’s were in the Price Range i planned on spending, I personally didn’t like the Vortex, i have looked through 2 different Vortex Diamondback’s that were Not clear? Kind of a Hazy/fuzzy look and Nothing i could do to clear them up? I handed 1 of them to the Store Clerk and had him take a look through it, He tried everything as well to clear it up, he couldn’t get it focused either? That was enough Vortex Scope Looking for me. I have a pair of their 12X50 Diamondback Binoculars and i like them ok. 
  I was in Cabelas one day and checked out the Bargain Cave before leaving, there was a Brand New Nikon Buckmasters 4-12X40 under the Counter for 75 bucks! I asked the Clerk what the deal was with it? He said it was a Display out front under the Scope Counter and that it didn’t have a Box, I looked through the Scope and it SUPER CLEAR! I bought it immediately! I have since bought another one with the MOA Reticle, I am very impressed with the Clarity of these Nikon’s, they are every bit as clear as Any of the MUCH MUCH more expensive Scopes, Including Zeiss, I had a Zeiss 4.5-14 with Rapid Z800 Reticle, These Nikon’s are just as Good!
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Nikon Buckmasters 4-12x40
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