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 English Hunting rifle

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English Hunting rifle Empty
PostSubject: English Hunting rifle   English Hunting rifle EmptyFebruary 10th 2019, 4:53 pm

Here is the latest rifle I've built....English Sporting Rifle in Bastogne Walnut, two barrels (54 Cal and 45 Cal) Octagon to round with a single wedding band....Barrels were made by Joe Williams and the Oregon Barrel Company....Has a single trigger that breaks at 2.5 lbs....Durs Egg lock ( with a second lock that interchanges)….Poured Pewter nose cap....Barrels are 28" long....Made short to accommodate hunting in heavy bushy areas.....Barrel and furniture was blacked....Tung oil was used as a final finish....Both barrels and locks interchange....White Lightning vents were used  and work extremely well....The wood in this rifle is incredible....Was a great build....
English Hunting rifle Rg_410
English Hunting rifle Rg_910
English Hunting rifle Rg_510
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English Hunting rifle Empty
PostSubject: Re: English Hunting rifle   English Hunting rifle EmptyFebruary 10th 2019, 5:10 pm

That is a nice rifle for sure , Love the grain on the stock .

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English Hunting rifle
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