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 .45cal CVA Firebolt Ultramag First range day

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PostSubject: .45cal CVA Firebolt Ultramag First range day   February 24th 2019, 1:49 pm

I first started out with 10 shots with a tight fitting patched round ball and Shoot out patch lube to do a deep cleansing on the bore. With 50gr Black MZ, wow! @ 25 yards, I could easily hunt foxes and yotes with precision accuracy! By the 10th shot, the rifle was loading real nice and smooth. Next time, I will bring lower 30 and 40gr charges and really work the breech area.

Then it hit me! ( Literally after the first shot! ) I have some big ol 460gr no excuse bullets tucked away! 70gr Black MZ at 25 yards, was 2" low but center... Adjusted the scope 16 clicks up X 3 and moved to 50 yards where again, she was dead on! After that shot, I took a break to hold my nose and do some swearing. Im shooting at a steep uphill angle and the scope recoiled back onto the bridge of my nose. My face still feels a little numb Laughing I took a 2x4 and lifted the rear of my shooting bench and that helped a lot.

50 yard accuracy was really good considering I didnt touch the bore once with a swab! 20+ shots today and she still shoots deadly.

Overall, I think I picked up one hell of a rifle! I think I will enjoy the 185-200gr XTP loads a lot more when I get some sabots for them lol!

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hunting savage

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PostSubject: Re: .45cal CVA Firebolt Ultramag First range day   March 15th 2019, 7:14 pm

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.45cal CVA Firebolt Ultramag First range day
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