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 T/C Impact

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T/C Impact Empty
PostSubject: T/C Impact   T/C Impact EmptyMarch 10th 2019, 9:10 am

Gentlemen (and Ladies?) I just won an auction for a used Impact in great shape.  I know nothing about them as far as rate of twist or even how to break it down for cleaning.  But I'll figure that out when I get it. 
My question is what do you Impact owners shoot out of yours?  Mostly what powders are you using and what bullet weight range?  I know to start about 80 gr and work up. Not new to muzzleloaders as I've been shooting them since about 1971.
Also if I use BH209 do I need a different BP?
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T/C Impact Empty
PostSubject: Re: T/C Impact   T/C Impact EmptyMarch 10th 2019, 9:34 am

No BH 209 works well with the breech plug.  I'd inspect the plug really well,  make sure its clean and devoid of rust.  If you got the rifle cheap enough you might want to just buy a new one.  As far as bullet and sabot to each their own in my experience most t/c bores are tight so the Harvester Crush Rib may be a good start with a 250-300 grain bullet .
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T/C Impact Empty
PostSubject: Re: T/C Impact   T/C Impact EmptyMarch 15th 2019, 1:41 pm

I pick up one last month real good shooter 
The above group Thompson's center cheap shots.
Powder 209 80 gr first to shot high and left a couple of click on the scope 4 rounds touching.
100 to yard 
The gun shoot just about anything I fun down the bore.
I will say the gun pattern opens up with CCI 209 M primers.
The federal 209 a primers is what she really likes.
Pro I will say great shooter .
Cons. Ramrod moves forward after the shot.
Medium rings are a must ,so wou be nice if they had a hammer extension.
I use white plumber tape on the breech plug with a very light coating of the t/c breech plus grease
T/C Impact IMG-20190307-084626407-HDR
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T/C Impact
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