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 My New 1892 Review and Range Day

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PostSubject: My New 1892 Review and Range Day   March 12th 2019, 12:54 am

So picked up my brand new Winchester 1892 in .45 Colt yesterday 
It was slathered in Cosmo.

First the Pro's:
This rifle is super nice, the bluing is deep and smooth.
The wood does not have much figure but is very nice, with a good finish.
Metal to wood fit is excellent with the exception of the tang area, wood is a bit proud but not bad.
Action is very smooth and the bore is super shiny and super smooth, actually the best looking bore I have ever seen.

The Con's:
Trigger pull is a HEAVY, feels like #8, how ever it is crisp, no creep.
I don't like the rebounding hammer, but the safety does not bother me.
Rear sight could be better, not easy to get a clear picture.

Things that need to change:
I need to get the trigger below #3
Need a better rear sight
Any Idea's?

So on to the Range trip
Started at 25yds.
First off was my revolver loads:
SNS 200gr. RNFP poly coated, sized .452, non G/C
7.0gr. HP-38
OAL: 1.580
No groups, more of a shotgun pattern, about 4"
Next was:
Bayou bulets 250gr. RNFP poly coated, non G/C
7.0gr. HP-38
OAL: 1.580
Still no joy, 3.310"

And we have a winner!
Again this is 25yds.
Last load was new a one with a bullet I have never tried:
GT 255gr. HP, non G/C flat base sized .453 lubed and then lubed with Lee Alox.
6.6gr. HP-38
OAL: 1.653

First Group:
3 shots in the bull @ .43
The other 5 shots are the 250gr. Bayou bullets 

I then put up a new target and proceeded to put 3 shots in the same hole 

Then out to 50yds.

This is .92

Needless to say I am happier than a Tornado in a trailer park 
I will shooting this in the local Cast Matches each month.

Failure is not an option.
T/C Hawken 50 Cal.
T/C Hawken 50 Cal.
Pietta 1858 .44
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PostSubject: Re: My New 1892 Review and Range Day   March 16th 2019, 9:35 pm

Nice Rifle!! Look at these Marbles Rear Sights, They make a nice product :tup2

Bottom of page 5, and top of page 6
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PostSubject: Re: My New 1892 Review and Range Day   March 17th 2019, 7:04 am

Nice lever and report Hylander!
Interesting the GT 255 grain bullet has the 2-2-96 alloy.
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PostSubject: Re: My New 1892 Review and Range Day   March 17th 2019, 10:15 am

Beautiful rifle! I really like the wood on that stock! Very very nice!
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My New 1892 Review and Range Day
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