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 Mowrey Gun Works

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PostSubject: Mowrey Gun Works   Mowrey Gun Works EmptyMarch 14th 2019, 3:18 pm

Hi all. I'm Campcook. 
My every day name is Lora Weems, and my husband's name was Randall.
We were married 26 years. He died this past January.
He was born in Olney, TX., leaving in the early '80's to work for the Ft Worth Zoo. Prior to that, he worked for Mowrey Gun Works. He made black powder guns. I have 2 shotguns, a rifle, and part of another rifle (the stock and barrel, missing the trigger mechanism).
My question is this:
Would anyone be able to give me an approximate value on any of these?
I'm wanting to sell them, but I also want to donate one to our local museum, and there need to have a value, for insurance.
I will post pics...once I figure out how! lol!
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Buck Conner
Site Moderator
Site Moderator
Buck Conner

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Mowrey Gun Works Empty
PostSubject: Re: Mowrey Gun Works   Mowrey Gun Works EmptyMarch 19th 2019, 4:28 pm

Have seen Mowrey Gun Works guns (rifles & shotguns) in the $300 - $550 range it's all about condition. 

Mowrey Gun Works Mowrey01

Like selling anything, it's what the buyer will give will be the selling value.

Mowrey Gun Works Camp


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Old Smoke

Old Smoke

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Mowrey Gun Works Empty
PostSubject: Re: Mowrey Gun Works   Mowrey Gun Works EmptyMarch 22nd 2019, 4:55 am

Sorry for you loss.  I lived in Graham for a few years and of course heard of Mowrey guns.  

I've no idea of their worth.  

Best to you.
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Mowrey Gun Works
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