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 FPS change from nipple change?

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PostSubject: FPS change from nipple change?   FPS change from nipple change? EmptyMay 3rd 2019, 5:32 pm

I got a new knight red hot nipple in the other day for my hawken and decided to retest some black mz with it in place.

Bore was swabbed between each shot and allowed to cool in the shade.
FPS change from nipple change? 59553311

80gr Volume Alliant Black MZ, .490" round ball, .020" Bridgers Best Patches.

On the next five shots, I used a super tight fitting DRY patch after swabbing the bore. It was so tight I had to brace the rifle between my knees and pull hard until it popped back out.
1,500 ( Hang fire - After I swabbed the bore, I put it muzzle up against the fence and went inside for a break and I suppose some ran into the powder channel )


Next I switched to a cotton duck patch material I picked up last year and haven't really done a whole lot of testing with. Figured I might as well give it a try to. I also used the super tight DRY patch after swabbing the bore between shots. This material I believe runs in the .022" thick range. Check out the jump in velocity just from a slightly thicker patch.


When shooting American Pioneer in the earlier years, I always noticed that when I would use a snug fitting projectile, velocity always jumped greatly and became more consistent. With a loose fitting projectile, I would always have to use a heavier projectile in order to obtain accuracy and consistent velocity.

I do have a lot more shooting planned for later this week, mostly with the new cotton duck material.
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PostSubject: Re: FPS change from nipple change?   FPS change from nipple change? EmptyMay 4th 2019, 1:39 pm

All the American Pioneer made powders require a ball/bullet seated hard on the powder for best results.   Black MZ is no exception.  

My .50 caliber TC Black Diamond requires the red or the black smooth sabots when used with the 250 grain SST bullet and 100 grains of Black MZ.  Accuracy is not good with the crush rib  or the Super Glide sabots.  Velocity is down too.   When using the same 100 grain powder load and the 300 grain XTP bullet the crush rib sabot works well.  

For patched round ball i use drill cloth along with Frontiers anti-rust and patch lube.   i  really crunch the powder with a golf ball on the ramrod.   Then whang the ball once with the heavy ramrod.   My 80 grain velocities are 1700-1,740 fps.
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FPS change from nipple change?
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