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 This WILL be a muzzleloader "hunt"!

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This WILL be a muzzleloader "hunt"! Empty
PostSubject: This WILL be a muzzleloader "hunt"!   This WILL be a muzzleloader "hunt"! EmptyMay 11th 2019, 6:32 am

Well, finally a young generationer that is willing to be open-minded!  I was invited by an Oil and Gas company to help thin down some female animals on their property.  The ration is way out of whack and it has not been hunted in 7-years. There are 10,100 acres and the only hunting has been "corporate" people. In Texas there is no season for "exotics" and that includes elk.  This place is full of elk and axis deer with about 5 other species present too. The new 20-something year-old Hunt Manager spoke to me at length on the phone. He said the elk would often be out in open areas but the axis tend to hang in thick brush. He said "be prepared to shoot 100-yards" .  I told him I'd like to get closer but my flintlock and the others in my groups with percussion rifles are up to the task. ----A moment of silence---- he says: "I have never been around a muzzleloader and know zero about old ones".  Right then I thought - here we go again. Surprise!  He says, "You have a lot more experience than me so I will trust you". I like to hunt rabbits with my Slingshot (Hand Catapult) and he knew that. He says, "you can use whatever you want if you show me how to hunt rabbits with the slingshot up around the caretakers house, and I get to shoot a target with the muzzleloader"  Deal!  I plan to razzle-dazzle this youngster and his mates with a very nice group of big holes on a target and a lot of smoke and fun doing it. I am confident in the ability to take game and we will try to shoot about 6 cow-elk and 6 axis does. Two weeks away, this is going to be fun!  Pictures and report to come.....
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This WILL be a muzzleloader "hunt"! Empty
PostSubject: Re: This WILL be a muzzleloader "hunt"!   This WILL be a muzzleloader "hunt"! EmptyMay 11th 2019, 7:49 am

My smoke poles ALWAYS seem to draw attention when I'm on the range.  Eventually they'll come over and check me out.  Last year I let a gentleman in his 50's shoot one of my smokers for the first time.  He gave me a "wow Smile ".  I just Wink  nodded and smiled back. 
I said if you want to get started check-out Frontiermuzzleloader and consider a traditional .50 caplock.
Sounds like you're in for a fun time Sparkitoff.  
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This WILL be a muzzleloader "hunt"!
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