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 The Harris chain of Lakes. Leesburg, Fl

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Dry Powder

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The Harris chain of Lakes.  Leesburg, Fl Empty
PostSubject: The Harris chain of Lakes. Leesburg, Fl   The Harris chain of Lakes.  Leesburg, Fl Empty2019-05-28, 07:19

Went Bass fishing Sunday with my 2 sons and a Gran-son.   Perfect day. Hot as all get out and no breeze.
    The ramp/parking lot was not crowded ….yet.   So getting off loaded was a snap.  
     Started off in big lake Harris. Water was flat. Tried some top water baits but the Bass were not interested.
     I might add, the Harris chain gets hammed by a constant flow of fishermen.  plus, tournaments.  Collectively, 
     the chain is big enough to handle the pressure but the Bass are well educated. 
     We separated (2 boats) and covered a lot of water.  Tried, plastic different colors.  Crank baits.
       Spinner baits.   Did some flipping/pitching.   Fished shallow. Fished deep in weed beds.  Did some Carolina 
        rig fishing in a couple of deep (20 foot) ditches.  All for naught. 

      The other guys kicked our back side!  14 Bass total.  They found the bass in some rather small canals 
         leading  into residential areas. Small crank baits.  

      One son got a tribble hook buried in his thumb. Well past the barb.  He calls on his cell for our location and 
       says,  he needs some help. Be there in a few.   There is a procedure on the "how to" remove  a hook .
       He had this same problem one other time so we just got to it.  While he was counting to 4,  I snatched that 
         puppy out at 3.   Done correctly, the procedure works.   Now I`m 2 for 2.  

      Along about 12 noon we all headed back to the ramp.   Now the ramp was like a Chinese fire drill. 
        All the late sleepers were arriving. Kids, dogs, pontoon boats,  Day cruisers,  boat engines that won`t 
         start.   Add to all that the sun was booming down and it was hotter then usual.   Along with the confusion
         created by all the people and boats there was the expected, arguments and ruffled feathers.  
      We managed to get loaded up and out of there with out any difficulties.  That`s why I don`t normally fish on
       a   week-end day.  I`m a during the week guy. Ramps are mostly empty. Plus, the water is calmer. On a 
         week end, the water /waves is like the north Atlantic due to all the boat traffic.   
       As I`m close to the St John`s river,  that`s where I spend most of my time. Nobody but me and some other
        OG`s  (old guys)   Plenty of elbow room and peaceful as you can imagine.

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Site Moderator

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The Harris chain of Lakes.  Leesburg, Fl Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Harris chain of Lakes. Leesburg, Fl   The Harris chain of Lakes.  Leesburg, Fl Empty2019-05-28, 19:19

'Powder, my favorite days of the week to get my boat out are Thursdays and Fridays.  Most fishermen are still working, and the fish have Monday through Wednesday to calm down from the weekend fishing pressure.  I plan bounce to get out this Friday if the wind cooperates.
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The Harris chain of Lakes. Leesburg, Fl
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