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 Growing Corn at 5,000 ft.

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Growing Corn at 5,000 ft. Empty
PostSubject: Growing Corn at 5,000 ft.   Growing Corn at 5,000 ft. Empty2019-08-29, 09:21


Ive been trying to grow corn where I live for the last few years without success.  I live at 5,000 ft in the southern most part of central CA.

Conditions are not great here. I have to heavily amend the soil, which is mostly DG.  The temps during the day can reach into the 90's and go as low as 50 at night. The season is short with temps sometimes freezing well into May.  Any advice would be great.

Two of the crops I have some success with are yellow straight neck squash and black beauty zucchini.

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Growing Corn at 5,000 ft. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Growing Corn at 5,000 ft.   Growing Corn at 5,000 ft. Empty2019-08-30, 08:22

I would contact the California Department of Agriculture for advice or visit their website for resources on growing.
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Growing Corn at 5,000 ft.
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