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 Topic: Grrw trapper pistol

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Buck Conner
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Topic: Grrw trapper pistol Empty
PostSubject: Topic: Grrw trapper pistol   Topic: Grrw trapper pistol Empty2019-09-01, 12:40

Topic: Grrw trapper pistol EmptySun 1 Sep - 9:01    Topic: Grrw trapper pistol EmptyTopic: Grrw trapper pistol
Hey buck can you get the low down on trapper pistol #69 from the grrw books ? 

These are always fun requests to try and help out you folks. I hear from "muzzlestuffer" every once in a while about a GRRW gun.

Here's what I found in the old GRRW Record Book.

GRRW Trapper Pistol
Ser. No. #69
Barrel: Smooth-bore, .54 cal.
Lock: Siler Lock - percussion
Gunsmith: Greg Roberts
Build Date: 1979
Del. Date: 1980
Sent To: The Powder Horn, New Hall, CA.
Speaking "old GRRW Record Book" is an interesting story in itself. When GRRW closed it's doors the bank guys throw out allot of things including this book. The employees were allowed to go in the building and get their personal things, tools, etc. First employee of GRRW - Carl Walker gathered his personal items then happened to look in the dumpster outside. About half way down in the dumpster he saw paper and look into what he was seeing - the GRRW Record Book had been thrown out by someone, Carl grabbed it taking it home. If he hadn't of retrieved the book the information above would be unknown.

Thanks Lou for bringing this gun to light.  :rtup

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Topic: Grrw trapper pistol
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