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 Day with the Kentucky

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Day with the Kentucky Empty
PostSubject: Day with the Kentucky   Day with the Kentucky EmptyOctober 19th 2008, 3:19 pm

Had a bit of a hard time choosing which rifle i wanted to take out but in the end i settled on the traditions kentucky .50 flintlock.

I only had Pyrodex P so i said to heck with it, i'll give it a shot. Turned out to be about a Dozen shots Laughing I shot 11 shots with 50gr pyrodex P, .018 pillow ticking and a homecast .490 round ball at 20 yards *Just wanted some range time* and after 3 shots i had figured out the pan charge and it was blowing smoke like a $5 hooker. I had 1 flash in the pan and 2 strikes that didnt light up the 4f goex pan primer. I wiped the flint and it was back to shooting.

On my last shot i tried an 80gr pyrodex P charge and i wasnt holding onto the rifle like i SHOULD have been and when it lit, it jumped right out of my hands lol! Luckily it went through the center of the big hole the previous 11 shots had made.

I want to do more shooting possibly tomorrow with the heavier loads just to see how well it works out. If it does, It looks like i'll be able to shoot for fun with the cheap and easy to find powder and save the real stuff for hunting!
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Day with the Kentucky
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