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 Apex Turkey Barrel Range Report

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PostSubject: Apex Turkey Barrel Range Report   February 19th 2012, 8:50 pm

Took the Apex Turkey barrel with the Eotech 512 scope to the range today. Cabela’s mounted and bore sighted the scope. Target was 27‘X30” paper with a center dot. Shooting distance was 30 yards.
First shot was 3” Federal Premium Mag-Shot #5 shot. Shot was low and right. Scope adjustment is based on 1/4” per click at 50 yards. My measurements required 12 clicks in both directions. Adjusted only 6 clicks and tried another shot. Adjusted 6 more clicks and the next shot was on the money. Shot one Remington Premier Magnum #5 shot and it was on the money. The clicks on the Eotech 512 were not crisp. They felt like a soft double clicks, but you could tell one click from the next. The one MOA red dot was a real plus centering it on the spot in the middle of the target.
Removed the turkey choke and screwed in the Modified choke (Carlson’s winchoke) and took one shot to check the pattern. It looked just slightly high and slightly left, but didn’t look all that bad and since I bought it for turkey, I didn’t adjust it. Checked the red dot against the background of grass and trees and it looked good. Checked it against the sky and it washed out. Increased the brightness and it was good against the sky. Proceeded to shoot clay pigeons with the 65 MOA circle. Busted about six in a row and then I got overconfident and missed a few now and then. Ended up busting most of them. My son was shooting a 12 ga. Bennelli Super Nova and busting about 1 out of three. He tried the Apex for five shots and busted the first four.
The Eotech didn’t take anything to get used too and I started shooting with both eyes open. I hop to carry the both eyes open to the muzzleloader barrel.
I'm 61 years old, but every once in a while you get to feel like a kid with a new toy.
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Apex Turkey Barrel Range Report
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